Monday, May 23, 2011

America's dirty politics,Osama Bin Laden's death and future of Al-Qaeda and terrorism

The most hyped incident of 2011 is the death of Osama Bin Laden, not only in the broadcasting media but also in the internet arena. Osama Bin Laden is the most tweeted name last month. His death is the most discussed event in facebook and blogosphere. This news even surpassed the royal wedding in terms of the visitors count.

Has the Laden age ended? Has Al-Qaeda accept their defeat? These questions are reverberating since the world knew that he is terminated.

The world was sceptic on hearing this news beacause it was heard this news time and again but couldn't rejoice since they were confirmed to be fake. Eventhough the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) was telecasting this as a hot potato they were reiterating the need of confirmation from the authorised sources. As the world was awaiting, when the Europe was asleep Barak Obama appeared in front of the cameras at the whitehouse and announced that their long-term enemy was been wiped out in a commando operation carried out in Pakistan. They questions started arising since the word 'Pakistan' appeared several times in his speech.

This incident can be described as a pretty old story in 'Arabian nights'. A spectre unleashed by the hero is collected by the hero in a bottle. This incident is exactly the same. The Frankenstein monster unleashed by US has been killed by themselves. It is like a war in the underworld where devils meet devils. Good people are delighted whomsoever succumbs to death.


The history of Laden dates back to the times of cold war. The Soviet Russia was invading Afghanistan. US wanted to detain them and gave birth to Laden by invoking the hidden religious passion in him and his companions. The rise of Laden prevented the Russian army from annexing Afghanistan to their territory.

The US juggernaut started taking a u-turn once Soviet Union collapsed. US had a fear that the truth might be uncovered by Al-Qaeda which by that time has grown beyond the control of US. They were coerced to turn the daggers at Al-Qaeda whose ideology had changed from just aiding the US to a complicated establishment.

In 2010 it was necessary for Barak Obama to regain his image. He couldn't implement the change he spoke about during his election campaign. In order to get his image back it was necessary for Obama to do something extraordinary and the capture of Laden was the apt move.

 The AIM of Al-Qaeda, the word meaning "base", is to form an instituition of jihad(holy war) to fight to achieve a global Islamic khilafat. They dream about a world governed by Islamic laws and literally all citizens certified the tag Islam. The Soudi Arabian goverment has this aim atleast in their minds. Now, that is the reason for their soft corner approach to Laden. The difference lies in the methodology. Al-Qaeda forms different twigs depending on the place they want to operate. Their morphology may vary but anatomy remains the same. In India they work under the names Leshkar-e-Thoiba, Jaishe-e-Mohammed and Indian Mujahideen. They have student organisations that penetrate into campuses and tries to inject their ideas. They convince ordinary Muslim people that they are working for their social cause by exaggerating that they are suffering as a minority in the country. They try to convince them that whatever they do, evenif it is immoral, for the cause of Islam, they will reach the heavenly kingdom and they will be rewarded. This is sheer misinterpretation of Prophet Mohammed's thoughts.


Al-Qaeda has confirmed the departure of Bin Laden. This doesn't mean that this terrorist gang has been wiped out. The mastermind of 9/11 is Al-Sawahiri. He is a scholar and masterbrain behind all attacks of Al-Qaeda. Obama was rather a symbolic figure for Al-Qaeda. They are planning new attacks. They are using a wide range of latforms to spread their thoughts. On-line methods are most commonly used. Blogs and videos are highly infected with the ideas of jihad. A stringent polciy must be developed to cure this dangerous infection.


It is true that Pakistan was aware about the US move to kill Laden. They were a kind of betraying Laden after offering him a safe hideout. Nevertheless they wanted to hide it from India. Otherwise India would demand an operation in Pakitan to catch the evil minded terrorists behind the Mumbai attack. They do not want this step from India.